Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 33

Volume 33, Issue 2, Pages 169-181

Spring 2022

Analytics in the Business School: Insights from the Literature

Kathleen S. Hartzel
Pinar Ozturk

Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA

Abstract: The demand for business and data analysts is growing. The business school is well positioned to offer programs to meet these needs. This paper presents both the findings from a review of the existing literature on data analytics job roles, skills required for those roles and also feedback from industry experts on findings. Three different types of articles are included in the design: faculty writing about their personal experiences and observations (faculty voice), data gathered from expert practitioners and other academics (nonresident expertise), and empirical data from online job service platforms (content analysis). The narrative review method is used to integrate these disparate sources of information and deliver cohesive observations. This knowledge can be used to build better analytics programs in business schools.

Keywords: Business analytics, Data analytics, Curriculum design & development, Skill requirements, Narrative review

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Recommended Citation: Hartzel, K. S., & Ozturk, P. (2022). Analytics in the Business School: Insights from the Literature. Journal of Information Systems Education, 33(2), 169-181.