Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 30

Volume 30 Issue 2, Pages 67-83

Spring 2019

Teaching Tip
Pedagogy for Business Analytics Courses

Anand Jeyaraj
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435, USA

Abstract: Responding to the industry need for professionals to employ data-driven decision-making, educational institutions offer courses in business analytics (BA). Since BA professionals require a unique set of skills different from those found in specific business disciplines, a pedagogical framework to impart such knowledge and skills was developed. The framework encompasses multiple stages related to data – acquisition, preparation, analysis, visualization, and interpretation – and provides an end-to-end learning experience for students. It enables students to gain related knowledge and skills including Python scripting, data cleansing, statistical modeling, visualization, and interpretation, which provide a solid foundation for professional endeavors in BA.

Keywords: Business analytics, Pedagogy, Data acquisition, Data visualization

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Recommended Citation: Jeyaraj, A. (2019). Teaching Tip: Pedagogy for Business Analytics Courses. Journal of Information Systems Education, 30(2), 67-83.