Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 17 - Table of Contents

Volume 17 Number 1, Spring 2006
Special Issue on Data Modeling Education: The Changing Technology

5 Teaching Tip: Teaching Security Techniques in an E-Commerce Course
Chang Liu, Northern Illinois University
Brian G. Mackie, Northern Illinois University

11 Teaching Tip: Building Camaraderie through Information Processing: The Wuzzle Picture-Puzzle Exercise
Steven M. Dunphy, Indiana University Northwest
Thomas G. Whisenand, Shippensburg University

17 Data Modeling Education: The Changing Technology
Michael A. Chilton, Kansas State University
Roger McHaney, Kansas State University
Bongsug Chae, Kansas State University

21 ER is UML
James Rumbaugh, IBM

27 Notation Usage in Data Modeling Education
Michael Mannino, University of Colorado - Denver

29 Toward a Next Generation Data Modeling Facility: Neither the Entity-Relationship Model nor UML Meet the Need
David M. Kroenke, University of Washington
C. Donald Gray, IronMoon, Inc.

39 The Essential Skills of Data Modeling
Richard T. Watson, University of Georgia

43 A Constructivist-Based Approach to Teaching Database Analysis and Design
Thomas M. Connolly, University of Paisley
Carolyn E. Begg, University of Paisley

55 Integrating ERD and UML Concepts when Teaching Data Modeling
Traci A. Carte, University of Oklahoma
'Jon (Sean) Jasperson, Texas A&M University
Mark E. Cornelius, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

65 Employment Analysis of ERD vs. UML for Data Modeling
Hsui-lin Winkler, Pace University
Henning Seip, SkillProof, Inc.

73 Teaching ORDB with UML Class Diagram in an Advanced Database Course
Ming Wang, California State University - Los Angeles

83 Introducing the Unified Modeling Language into the Information Systems Curriculum
Donald Golden, Cleveland State University
Victor Matos, Cleveland State University

93 Conceptual Data Modeling in the Introductory Database Course: Is it Time for UML?
James Suleiman, University of Southern Maine
Monica J. Garfield, Bentley College

Volume 17 Number 2, Summer 2006

113 Teaching Tip: Implementing Virtual Pair Programming in E-Learning Environment
Abdullah M. Zin, National University of Malaysia
Sufian Idris, National University of Malaysia
Nantha K. Subramaniam, Open University Malaysia

119 The Memory Grid: A Glass Box View of Data Representation
T. Grandon Gill, University of South Florida

131 A Comparison of Faculty and Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of Online Courses and Degree Programs
Ronald B. Wilkes, University of Memphis
Judith C. Simon, University of Memphis
Lloyd D. Brookes, University of Memphis

141 How the Teacher's Role Changes in On-line Case Study Discussions
Robert Heckman, Syracuse University
Hala Annabi, University of Washington

151 Market Power of ERP Education - An Investigative Analysis
James Sager, California State University - Chico
James Mensching, California State University - Chico
Gail Corbitt, California State University - Chico
James Connolly, California State University - Chico

163 Teaching Object-Oriented Programming Concepts Using Visual Basic .NET
Albert D. Ritzhaupt, University of North Florida
Ron J. Zucker, University of North Florida

171 Constructing Integrated Writing Assignments for the IS Curriculum
James J. Pomykalski, Susquehanna University

185 E-Commerce and the Undergraduate MIS Curricula: An Exploratory Study
Helen M. Moshkovich, University of Montevallo
Alexander I. Mechitov, University of Montevallo
David L. Olson, University of Nebraska

195 Mitigating Negative Behaviors in Student Project Teams: An Information Technology Solution
Alan A. Brandyberry, Kent State University
Sharen A. Bakke, Kent State University

211 The Competitiveness of the Information Systems Major: An Analytic Hierarchy Process
Younghwa Lee, University of Kansas
Sang Jun Lee, University of Texas - San Antonio

223 A Knowledge Assimilation Schema for Acquiring Technical Knowledge
Myron Z. Sheu, California State University - Dominguez Hills
Wang-Chan Wong, California State University - Dominguez Hills

Volume 17 Number 3, Fall 2006
Special Issue on Systems Analysis and Design

241 Systems Analysis and Design: An Essential Part of IS Education
Albert L. Harris, Appalachian State University
Michael Lang, National University of Ireland - Galway
Briony Oates, University of Teesside
Keng Siau, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

249 Teaching Tip: Interleaving Modeling and Writing Activities in Systems Analysis and Design
James J. Pomykalski, Susquehanna University

253 Invited Paper: Reflections on Teaching Information Systems Analysis and Design: From Then to Now!
David Avison, ESSEC Business School
Melissa Cole, Brunel University
Guy Fitzgerald, Brunel University

257 Contemporary Approaches and Techniques for the Systems Analyst
Dinesh Batra, Florida International University
John W. Satzinger, Missouri State University

267 An Approach to Teaching Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Pavle Bataveljic, University of Brighton
Marian Eastwood, University of Brighton
Heinz Seefried, University of Brighton

273 Exploring the Learning in Service-Learning: A Case of a Community-Based Research Project in Web-Based Systems Development
Lara Preiser-Houy, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Carlos J. Navarrete, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona

285 Information Systems Development Education in the Real World: A Project Methodology and Assessment
Paul J. A. van Vliet, University of Nebraska - Omaha
Leah R. Pietron, University of Nebraska - Omaha

295 Pitfalls in Analyzing Systems in Organizations
Steven Alter, University of San Francisco

303 Challenging Students: Reflections on the Development and Delivery of an Undergraduate Module that Introduces the Full Systems Development Life Cycle
Steve McRobb, De Montfort University

315 An Alternative Approach to Teaching Database Normalization: A Simple Algorithm and an Interactive e-Learning Tool
Hsiang-Jui Kung, Georgia Southern University
Hui-Lien Tung, Paine College

327 Large Scale Requirements Modeling: An Industry Analysis, a Model and a Teaching Case
Akhilesh Bajaj, University of Tulsa

341 A Software Inspection Exercise for the Systems Analysis and Design Course
Craig K. Tyran, Western Washington University

Volume 17 Number 4, Winter 2006

365 Teaching Tip: Object-Oriented Programming Principles and the Java Class Library
Thomas P. Cavaiani, Boise State University

369 Teaching Tip: Incorporating ASP.Net in an Information Systems Curriculum
David C. Wallace, Illinois State University
James R. Wolf, Illinois State University

373 Asynchronous Discussion Groups: A Use-Based Taxonomy with Examples
Grandon Gill, University of South Florida

385 Data Modeling using Entity Relationship Diagrams: A Step-Wise Method
Michael A. Chilton, Kansas State University

395 An Update on the IS/IT Skills Gap
Yongbeom Kim, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Jeffrey Hsu, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Mel Stern, Fairleigh Dickinson University

403 Skill Requirements of ERP Graduates
Todd A. Boyle, St. Francis Xavier University
Shanna E. Strong, St. Francis Xavier University

413 Enabling Laptop Exams using Secure Software: Applying the Technology Acceptance Model
Lori Baker-Eveleth, University of Idaho
Daniel M. Eveleth, University of Idaho
Michele O'Neill, University of Idaho
Robert W. Stone, University of Idaho

421 Visual Basic Programming Impact on Cognitive Development of College Students
Garry White, Texas State University

429 The Drivers for Acceptance of Tablet PCs by Faculty in a College of Business
John E. Anderson, East Carolina University
Paul H. Schwager, East Carolina University
Richard L. Kerns, East Carolina University

441 Using a Simulation Game Approach to Teach Enterprise Resource Planning Concepts
Pierre-Majorique Leger, HEC Montreal

449 Student Perceptions of Diversity Issues in IT
Amy Woszczynski, Kennesaw State University
Martha Myers, Kennesaw State University
Janette Moody, The Citadel

459 CEAF: A Measure for Deconstructing Students' Prior Computer Experience
George E. Palaigeorgiou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Panagiotis D. Siozos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Nikos I. Konstantakis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki