Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 13

Volume 13 Number 3, Pages 249-258

Fall 2002

Internet Security Management: A Joint Postgraduate Curriculum Design

Helen Armstrong
Nimal Jayaratna

Curtin University of Technology
Perth, WA 6845, Australia

Abstract: This paper presents the structure and content of a series of a postgraduate curriculum in Internet Security Management developed and presented jointly by the Schools of Information Systems and Computer Science at Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia. The integration of generic skills (including problem solving, risk and project management, change management and research methods) with specialist security knowledge and practical project courses is also discussed.

Keywords: Internet security, Security management, Information security education

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Recommended Citation: Armstrong, H. & Jayaratna, N. (2002). Internet Security Management: A Joint Postgraduate Curriculum Design. Journal of Information Systems Education, 13(3), 249-258.