Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 13

Volume 13 Number 2, Pages 117-124

Summer 2002

Teaching Web Development Technologies: Past, Present, and (Near) Future

Billy B. L. Lim
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790, USA

Abstract: The advent of the World Wide Web not only fundamentally changes the way we do things, it also greatly changes how computer software are built. While this profound evolution of software development has caused many in the software industry to change their way of developing software, it has not caused many in the academics to change their way of teaching computing. This paper describes the evolution of a course that teaches web development technologies. The contents of the course in three different iterations, the observations made, the available educational resources employed, and the challenges ahead for the course are presented.

Keywords: Web development technologies, Pedagogical pattern, Web development resources

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Recommended Citation: Lim, B. B. L. (2002). Teaching Web Development Technologies: Past, Present, and (Near) Future. Journal of Information Systems Education, 13(2), 117-124.